What is HolograFX?

HolograFX is an emerging technology that allows your display to stand out from others by projecting a fully animated character, logo, or product that truly "floats in mid-air" providing a memorable experience for consumers – young and old alike! Our patent-protected digital media technology not only offers a true "free floating” 3D hologram that doesn't require special glasses to view, but also provides the option for a fun based interactive touch technology that changes the animation content instantly when consumers can't resist touching your hologram!   

HolograFX is an eye-catching, people-stopping medium perfect for consumers or businesses who want to add a memorable “WOW” factor to their marketing, advertising, point of purchase, kiosks, special events and/or promotions.  Animated, video, live or still images can be used in either a presentation or interactive “touch” format … the only limits are your imagination!

HolograFX … it’s eye-mazing!

Why HolograFX?



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